Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sweet dreams are made of these

I would like to get some more pictures of the town centre of Winchester but the weather has turned bad today so I will leave it for another day. What I will say is that the main shopping streets are now, as is the case with most places in Britain, filled with all the usual suspects; Starbucks across the road from Cafe Nero, Marks & Spencer competing with Debenhams, Clintons for greeting cards and JJB for sports. You get the picture.

Although the shops you see while walking through the centre of town could make you think of pretty much any other town centre in the country, there are still one or two charming local shops here and there such as Henleys, a Traditional Sweet Shop with candy canes and jars of all sorts of multi-coloured delights in the window. Sadly, as with much of Winchester (the Cathedral, the museums, the shops), it is only open at precisely the time I have to be at work and having travelled the length of the country to be on site I do not think I would get away with asking to "work from home".

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  1. How will you compare the fans of Asian spicy food there in Winchester with Manchester?